Netsource Solutions and Technology América Latina

The Netsource has expanded your market not only for Brazil, but also across Latin America, and the United States to serve their customers, partners, and suppliers with the most modern platform for project managementRead More...
By : Netsource | Dec 1, 2017

Netsource is present at new address

Netsource, once again innovating in managing software projects for the Latin American market, today inaugurates a new space in a new address. Come visit us and be part of this process ofRead More...
By : Netsource | Nov 21, 2017

Cloud Computer in enterprises

The Cloud Computer is already a reality. Is responsible for generating transforms the way companies conduct their business. The main benefits offered by cloud computing, is productivity. Why the Cloud computer offering access toRead More...
By : Netsource | Nov 21, 2017
Software Development
We are a software factory and develop applications using the best techniques and tools available on the market.
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Web Development
We have developed web solutions for your company, with what is most recent available on the market.
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App Development
We developed mobile applications tailored for your business.
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Project Union – Project management and communication platform

Main characteristics

  • Project Management
  • Task Control (Gantt)
  • Processing control (GRD)
  • Automatic Time sheet
  • Resource planning
  • Electronic Document Manager (GED)
  • Quality Management
  • Backlog
  • Financial management
  • CRM
  • Web portal
  • Business Inteligency/Dashboards
  • Supplies/Purchases
  • Maintenance of machinery/equipment
  • Rental of machinery/equipment

ArpPrintServer – Network Printing management system

Control local or network printers. The ArpPrintServer allows you to manage the prints in your company with the purpose of controlling all expenses, you will see how much your company was spending with prints and how much it can save now, thereby reducing the number of prints by up to 60%.