What is ROI and why he is important in a competitive market?

For a business keep competitive in the market it is necessary to invest in various tools, such as marketing and new technologies.But how do you know what really has generated financial returns? To doRead More...
By : Netsource | Aug 16, 2017

What is the role of Business Intelligence to the project manager?

Nowadays, many companies are already migrating from traditional model, with work routines, to medium-and long-term projects.Is not necessarily a complete overhaul, but it affects at least some parts of the team. And forRead More...
By : Netsource | Aug 10, 2017

Project management: 4 practices to optimize results

A corporate Director has a day to day job very hectic and busy. Hiring new staff, negotiate with suppliers and track the performance of your production process are just a few of itsRead More...
By : Netsource | Jul 17, 2017

Check out 7 tips on time management in projects

To make a successful time management in projects, you should be able to administer properly the period dedicated to your work.The best managers know the importance of ensuring productivity, avoiding at all costs,Read More...
By : Netsource | Jun 28, 2017

4 incentives for employees that your company can offer

Entrepreneurs and managers in general are always around the following issues: what to do to attract the best talent, keep them and offer incentives to employees, in order to increase team productivity. ItRead More...
By : Netsource | Jun 28, 2017

5 tips to improve the company’s internal communication

Have a channel of communication between the brand and the customer is very important. And the dialogue between the Organization and its employees is as relevant as. For that, you need to optimize theRead More...
By : Netsource | Jun 28, 2017
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Project Union – Project management and communication platform

Main characteristics

  • Project Management
  • Task Control (Gantt)
  • Processing control (GRD)
  • Automatic Time sheet
  • Resource planning
  • Electronic Document Manager (GED)
  • Quality Management
  • Backlog
  • Financial management
  • CRM
  • Web portal
  • Business Inteligency/Dashboards
  • Supplies/Purchases
  • Maintenance of machinery/equipment
  • Rental of machinery/equipment

ArpPrintServer – Network Printing management system

Control local or network printers. The ArpPrintServer allows you to manage the prints in your company with the purpose of controlling all expenses, you will see how much your company was spending with prints and how much it can save now, thereby reducing the number of prints by up to 60%.